Cabin Discography

1999 - Before Calling Lost - CD

Improvisations from Jul 1998 & Jan 1999 recorded live on a walkman cassette recorder with one stereo mic at 2951 L House.  Edited & mixed by Cabin in Jan 1999 at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. 

Danielle Bitner on accordion & Jacob Ross on guitar.

Track Listing:

  1. standing on the other

  2. three to fifth

  3. sometimes trick or maybe play

  4. throwing line

  5. nervous turn

  6. seafloor spreading

  7. before disappearing

  8. not expecting a reply

  9. under different light

  10. reflection on the flat, calm surface

2003 - Ramblers Ramblers - CD

This out-of-print album was recorded by Cabin at Experimental Sound Studio, behind the Taste of Heaven between Christmas and New Year's Day 2001.  The duo mixed the record in the spring of 2003 at ESS.

Danielle Bitner on samples/fiddle/accordion & Jacob Ross on guitar/percussion. 

Drawings by Amy Theobald Ross. 

Track Listing:

  1. Stars Hell Lullaby

  2. Love House Time

  3. On And On With Winding

  4. You Can't LIke In The Desert

  5. Badlands Broken Heart


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