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This project began in 1995 when Jacob Ross was commissioned by Tom Kiehfuss to compose an original score for his play, Stramonium: A Search For Grace

Crumpler has continued to be the primary composing outlet for Jacob Floyd Ross with numerous songs written for film & video as well as theater & radio including this remix of Robert Johnson's Sweet Home Chicago commissioned by BBC Radio... 


Jacob began his relationship with Low Skies as the recording & mixing engineer for their debut album in 2001.  He was brought on as the mixing engineer again for the band's second album, The Bed, released on Flameshovel Records.  When it was time for touring the band needed an additional guitar player, and Jacob happily obliged.  He continued on as the second guitar player for the final two records while Scott Adamson took over on engineering duties. 

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Betty is from the aforementioned out-of-print debut album.  Recorded & mixed by Jacob Ross at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago. 


Man Is Man :

Formed by the indomitable Christa Creps out of the ashes of Puerto Muerto.  In 2011 Christa co-produced the band's debut album, The Birds Will Eat Us, with Jamie Carter.  In addition to Christa on vocals, autoharp, & drums the album featured contributions from Eli Caterer on guitar, Ben Kulp on cello, and Jed Robertson on bass.

After releasing the debut album a live ensemble was assembled with Christa on vocals/autoharp/keys, Jason Creps on drums, Jed Robertson on bass, Jacob Ross on guitar, and when fate allows Ben Kulp on cello.

My Beggar Lazarus was recorded live to 2-track at St.Luke's of Logan Square for a true love fan & her dear friends of St. Petersburg.  Featuring Christa Creps on vocals & piano, Jason Creps on drums, and Jacob Ross on guitar.


Ribbon Effect:

Formed in 1997 by Danielle Bitner, Jacob Ross, and Bill Talsma while working together as engineers at Experimental Sound Studio.  Ribbon Effect defies easy categorization and often collaborated with artists across disciplines.  The music for their second album, Slip, was originally performed live as a soundtrack to three simultaneous videos created by Joel Ross.  Their nimble and nostalgic instrumental music provided opportunities to play a wide variety of venues from Berlin's Podewil to The Hideout to abandoned buildings & house parties to The Arts Club of Chicago and more.  In 2001 Ribbon Effect collaborated with the seminal art group, Lucky Pierre, on the final 12 hour performance of the Evangeline Trilogy.  Afterwards, Bill Talsma left the group to join forces with Lucky Pierre while Brian Willey took his place as the band's drum focused multi-instrumentalist. 

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In 2002 Ribbon Effect recorded their final album, Seen Against the Sun, featuring this track...


This collaboration between Danielle Bitner and Jacob Ross first began as accordion & acoustic guitar improvisations in the late 90's.  After their first release in 1999, Before Calling Lost, they added other instruments & studio techniques expanding the timbre but maintaining a similar emotional landscape of longing & nostalgia.  Their music has been featured in a wide variety of films, videos, and art installations over the years.  They've performed at multiple benefits for arts & science organizations including The Renaissance Society of Chicago, the MCA of Chicago, the Notebaert Nature Museum, Archeworks, and the Society for Contemporary Art. 

The following track was written for, Flasher, a video installation by Joel Ross.


The Warmbloods:

Thunder Wonder!  In the form of Matt Pelkey on drums, Leslie Lockett from Field Grade on guitar, Michael Guarrine from Watchers on vocals, Jeff Kmieciak of Tenki on bass,  and Jacob Ross on guitar.

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Photo by Michael Guarrine.


Photo by Joel Ross.


Photo by Kathleen Judge.


Print by Danielle Bitner.