In addition to sound and music production, Jacob Ross has extensive experience in music business:

His first job in music was 1990-91 at VVV Records in Dallas, TX.  After moving to Chicago he expanded his music business experience...

  • Crow's Nest CDs & Tapes   1992-1994   Retail Sales
  • Cargo Records America   1996-1999    Assistant to the G.M.
  • Capstack Records   1997-1999    Label Owner
  • Choke Records   1999-2001   Imports Manager
  • The Quaker Goes Deaf   2001-2002   Retail Sales
  • Crosstalk Distribution   2001-2003   Shipping & Receiving
  • The Empty Bottle   2001-2004   Bouncer
  • Experimental Sound Studio   2000-2007   Studio Manager
  • Mucca Pazza   2010-present   Tour Manager
  • Beltline Sound   2014-present   Studio Owner