Poster by  Kathleen Judge .

Poster by Kathleen Judge.

In 2001 Jacob Ross started his first weekly DJ residency, The Big Up, with Josh Abrams and Fred Wells at The Empty Bottle.  After three sweaty exciting years the trio dissolved the residency and Jacob began to diversify his DJ experience with other events and venues including fundraisers for Experimental Sound Studio, the MCA of Chicago, Archeworks, Rogers Park Montessori, West Town Bikes, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Community Dinners, as well as weddings and countless shows with local & touring bands. 

In 2010 Peter Toalson invited Jacob back to The Empty Bottle for another weekly DJ residency...  Hot Grits!  After a year plus at The Empty Bottle, Jacob moved the weekly dance party to The Hideout for another two years.

He currently continues to DJ a wide variety of events and shows in and around Albuquerque and Los Angeles.  For more information please CONTACT: beltlinesound AT gmail DOT com.

Coaster design by  JNL .

Coaster design by JNL.

Photo by Michael Guarrine.

Photo by Michael Guarrine.

Photo by Rebecca Safford.

Photo by Rebecca Safford.

You can't party without water.

Photo by  Serena Lander .

Photo by Serena Lander.