Jacob Ross began his studio recording career when he sold his car in the summer of 1989 and used part of the proceeds to buy a 4-track, a few cables, a pair of headphones, and an SM57.  He used the rest of the proceeds for traveling.

After years of trial & error in basements & coach houses along Chicago's Milwaukee Avenue corridor, Jacob was hired as a part-time staff engineer at Experimental Sound Studio in 1995.  The diverse clients and community programming provided for rapid learning, and Jacob was soon teaching workshops in addition to recording & mixing everything from jazz to folk to indie rock to radio programs to children's choir to sonic arts and many things between.

In the summer of 1999 the beloved Dawn Mallozzi, ESS studio manager & mentor to many, passed on from this world.  Soon thereafter with bold humility Jacob Ross accepted Lou Mallozzi's offer to take on the role of studio manager.  One of the first major initiatives as manager was assisting Lou in launching the Creative Audio Archive.   And for the next seven years he further developed new skills as the manager while continuing as a staff engineer and working an assortment of other music business jobs. 

In 2005 Jacob began working more in live sound and by 2007 he let go of the manager position and embarked on a completely freelance audio career.

He continues to work in a variety of world class studios including The Ship, New Monkey, and White Light. However, in 2014 Jacob established his very own Beltline Sound, an intimate mixing and sound design studio in South Hollywood.

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beltlinesound AT gmail DOT com

Jacob Ross has engineered studio projects for a wide variety of filmmakers, MUSICIANS, and SONIC ARTISTS over the years including Al Scorch, John Corbett, Goat Island, Terri Kapsalis, Mucca Pazza, Jenny Gräf Sheppard, Eiren Caffall, Jim Becker, Califone, Carol Genetti, Tenki, Jeff Wichmann, Tarwater, Mark Messing, The Glorious Vapors, Jeb Bishop, Lucky Pierre, Kent Kessler, Peter Brötzmann, as well as...

Ambient music from (arroyo)Abstractions by Tim Rutili of Califone mixed at Beltline Sound and released on Dangerbird Records

Michael Zerang's original soundtrack for Redmoon's Hunchback at the Steppenwolf Theatre...

Reds and Blue's debut album Son of The Stars recorded at ESS and mixed at Maestro-matic featuring Ellen Bunch, Pete Croke, and Areif Sless-Kitain with guest appearances on Island Breeze from Nick Broste (trombone) and Bruce Lamont (saxophone)...

Chicago masters of mood, Field Grade, conjure movie magic with this elegant song recorded and mixed at the old bakery ESS.  Featuring Orion Dyson-Smith, Darrell Greiwe, Leslie Lockett, Luther Rochester, and Brandon Ross.

The underground rock heroes of 1999 St. Louis...  featuring Darrell Greiwe, Japeth Mennes, and Greg Frothingham.

Another late nineties underground gem from another underappreciated St. Louis outfit...  MusicFor is the former brainchild of Stephen Favazza, currently of Hands and FeetThe Giant is the opening track from the album, 56min/41sec, recorded and mixed at the old bakery ESS featuring Greg Frothingham on drums.

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